4 weeks – 6 months old

In this calm and quiet introductory class, parents will

  • gently introduce their little ones to water
  • learn tips on how to develop their swimmer’s comfort and confidence in the water

Classes are 30 minutes long and FREE!

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Baby & Me 1

6 months  – 2.9 years old

In  this parent/child gentle introduction class. students will

  •  learn fundamental skills through songs and games
  • develop relaxation and comfort in the water

Classes are 30 minutes long.

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Baby & Me 2

1.3  – 2.9 years old

In this class that builds on skills learned in Baby and Me I, students will

  •  work toward independent swimming
  • begin building listening skills and following directions
  • work toward basic safety skills such as safe entry and Jump, Roll and Shout

Classes are 30 minutes long.

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3 Year Old

By invitation only: 2.5-3.5 years old

In this “all by myself” transitional class, students will

  • develop their listening skills
  • learn to follow directions
  • build trusting relationships with an adult coach
  • begin building fundamental skills from our Preschool curriculum.

Classes are 20 minutes long with a 3:1 ratio

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