Swim Year-Round & WIN BIG!

We love loyalty and commitment –so much so we want to reward our BEST customers.  Stay enrolled in lessons for 12 consecutive months, and become a member of our Choose Love Loyalty Club.  Here are the perks*:

  • 1 FREE Swim Diaper, Swim Cap or Goggles each year
    (Up to $15 Value) per family
  • 1 FREE Private Lesson per family each year ($85 Value)
  • FREE Open Swim for the Whole Family each year
    (Up to $1,020 Value)
  • 15% OFF items in the Treasure Chest Gift Shop all year

 And There’s Even More Benefits

Improved safety and confidence in the water due to constant learning and practice during physical growth and maturation.

Improved health due to consistent exercise of the nervous, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Increased strength and coordination leading to better performance in other physical activities.

Accelerated brain development, which has scientifically been linked to movement patterns used in swimming.

Increased attention span and alertness in school from listening and processing series of complex instructions.

Check with the Help Desk for your 1-year anniversary date!