Adult Swimming Lessons in San Antonio - Love to Swim School


  • 45-minute classes are offered Sundays at 1:00 PM at Schertz and San Antonio and Mondays at 7:15pm at our Stone Oak location
  • Maximum of 7 students
  • Children over the age of 13 are included in the adult classes

Classes are perpetual meaning class continues indefinitely. Notice of withdrawal is required. Please see our front desk to withdraw from lessons.

The adult curriculum is designed to be progressive - each skill is the foundation for the next step in the progression. Although every swimmer's needs vary, generally, a beginner swimmer will follow this progression:

  • A 3-step breathing progression
  • Floating and standing up --- front and back
  • Kicking --- front and back with and without fins
  • Side kicking --- (the breathing position of freestyle)
  • Side kicking with side breathing
  • Switches --- (freestyle rolling movement)
  • Freestyle arm movements with switches
  • Sculling (how to move water effectively)
  • Intro to breaststroke arms
  • Breaststroke kicking
  • Timing the breath in breaststroke
  • Whole stroke breaststroke
  • Backstroke


Beginner Basics

  • Rhythmic breathing
  • Floating and recovering
  • Glides and kicking
  • Slow paced class ideal for people with fear

Advanced Beginner 1

  • Rhythmic breathing
  • Balanced front and back floating
  • Kicking with recovery
  • Begin learning freestyle
  • Training fins required

Advanced Beginner 2


(Must have completed A.B.1 Class):

  • Improve freestyle and backstroke technique
  • Training fins required

Freestyle Fundamentals

  • Learn balance, breath control & bilateral breathing & rhythm
  • Move through the water efficiently
  • Stroke drill progressions that will radically improve the way you swim
  • Training fins required

Adult Stroke School

  • Continue backstroke and freestyle technique development
  • Increase endurance
  • Work toward mastery of the breaststroke
  • Training fins required

"You have very PROFESSIONAL instructors and very CARING people."
-Iliana D.

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