It is our mission to develop students of all ages into happy, confident, masterful, lifelong swimmers. At Love to Swim School, swimmers have fun, parents see results, and coaches get to do what they love. Everybody wins!

Parents love us! because we offer a free assessment

Your first visit is free. We want you to experience our fun lessons
taught by highly trained coaches. Schedule your free assessment

Babies love us! because we offer a gentle approach

We make learning fun through toys, games and songs. See for yourself how much our babies and parents enjoy learning together. Watch the video

Children love us! because we celebrate their accomplishments

We offer clear goals for development at each level and celebrate our children's accomplishments by calling out their name to the entire pool or gym, and ringing a bell in their honor.

You will love us too!

We are eager to see your child swimming in the water and getting fit while having fun in the gym. We appreciate the opportunity to teach your child, and in return we'll keep you informed of your child's progress on a lesson-by-lesson basis.

"Awesome program! I am still amazed and impressed by everything she learned here. When I watch my daughter swim, I cannot believe what she is able to do, and how well you have taught her. Thank you for everything!"
Isabella E.'s Mom

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